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There Are 6 Facebook & Instagram Ad Templates I Use To Sell Tens of Thousands of Albums and Merch... And I Want To Give Them To You ...

There Are 6 Facebook & Instagram Ad Templates I Use To Sell Tens of Thousands of Albums... And I Want To Give Them To You...

Since firing my record label in 2014 I became an independent artist, and began
selling my music directly to fans.

I'm grateful to have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of music and  merchandise to a loyal fanbase.

But when I became an independent artist big radio stations stopped playing my music, I started a family and needed to figure out how to keep selling my music.

Since then I went on a mission to learn how to market my music online using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

I've sold over $200,000 worth of music directly from Facebook Ads to the point I flew down to the Facebook Headquarters for a full case study on me.

earn thousands a month from from music and merchandise sales from my advertising campaigns.

A mentor once said to me "Leverage is your greatest asset".

Ok, that's great you might say, but how do I setup an ad, what do I say and what's my call to action in the ad? 

Well after spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on Facebook and Instagram ads testing every type of music ad possible I've recognized their are 6 types of ads that have made the most money.

So I did something a little crazy...

I turned those 6

 Ads into templates for you my fellow music artist that I 
want to put in your hands today.

These are super straight-forward fill in the blank ad templates you can use to get a new ad promoting your music in minutes.

It'll take you 5-10 minutes per ad which we've already spent months testing as well as hundreds of thousands so you don't have to waste time or money.

And these ads will make you cash money.

The reason I'm doing this is because first of all, I love selling music 24/7 especially while I'm sleeping.

It's fun and running ads allows me to promote my music without me having to be there.

I've never sold these templates stand alone before.  Previously only artists that joined my $2,000 Music Selling Machine Program.

But right now you can get your hands on my 6 best performing ads I've ever run and that I'm using today to sell thousands of albums.  

You test them.  

You sell a ton of music and continue to build a fanbase 24/7. 

Here's the 6 templates:

1. Digital Downloads Template
2. 30,000 Albums Template
3. For Fans Of...
4. Spotify Pre-Saves & Streams
5. Kickstarter Supporters
6. Spotify Streams for trigger the algorithm

After testing dozens of different ads…I’ve found 6 made more money generating millions of views and tens of thousands of shares.

Just using ONE of these ads to get new fans,  should pay for itself.  

And that's even before you do the re-targeting :-) 
TEMPLATE #1: Selling Digital Downloads
Why run ads to Apple Music or iTunes to buy music when you can't do bundles, you can't track it plus Apple doesn't share your contact info.  This is my best performing ad for selling digital music downloads and bundles that's generated me. 
TEMPLATE #2: Kickstarter Crowdfunding Campaign
This Ad Template helped me raise over $45,000 on Kickstarter and I've used ever since for all future crowdfunding campaigns.
TEMPLATE #3: Sold Over 30,000+ Albums Not Including My Students
This Ad Template helped me sell over 30,000 albums without a label not including the thousands of albums it's helped my students sell.  This is a must ad template for selling your music.  This was also the ad that got me featured on Facebook and.
TEMPLATE #4: Spotify Pre-Saves & Streams
The first 24-48 hours of a new song released on Spotify are extremely important to the launch of a new song.  Knowing how to run ads directly to Spotify to get more saves can be the difference between success and failure.  This is the exact ad I'm running to get massive amounts of pre-saves and traffic to my Spotify page.
TEMPLATE #5: For Fans Of...
Knowing who your audience is and being able to call them out in your ad is extremely important.  If you say the wrong thing you are going to attract the wrong fans or potentially nobody at all.  Your music is not for everyone but a niche down audience so let me help you with a proven ad strategy that got me featured on Facebook and Zuckerberg even sent me the plaque below.  
TEMPLATE #6: Spotify Streams...
(Record Labels Are Gonna Hate Me for Sharing This)
This is the exact type of Facebook ad we are running to trigger Spotify's algorithm by getting more Spotify Streams without ANY bots.  This ad when executed with a good song is guaranteed to get you 10x more streams, shares and comments!   
Get My 6 Best Templates For Only $194 $64  - LIMITED TIME 
Secure payments through paypal...
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was for...
 you're getting 6 battle-tested fill-in-the-blank Facebook Ad Templates you can use to sell your music and band merchandise TODAY. 

Any questions send an email to support@smartmusicbusiness.com and I'll take care of you.
Frequently Asked Questions Just In Case

1.  Will these templates work only for genre of music?
Yes, you can use these templates for any niche genre. I've used them and so have my students spanning genres from Heavy Metal, Rock, Christian, EDM, Country, Classical and every genre in between.
2.  What if every artist and musician buys these templates and we all start using them?
No worries, first off, the templates are 100% customizable so that no two ads will ever be exactly the same because your music and images will be completely different. Second, it would have to be hundreds of thousands of artists to actually start to have a negative impact on sales.  Plus how many artists or musicians do you know in your genre that are ACTUALLY spending $200 plus a day on ads? I know maybe one in my genre and they don't know what they're doing.  
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