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Session with Chris A.K.A Manafest 
Book Your Strategy & Consulting 
Session with Manafest 
Artist Success Stories From Working With Manafest
"Worth every penny and I sold so much music I sold out! 
If you are serious about your music look into his program." 
Stephanie A.K.A Lady Red Neck
"Chris has found success with without record labels or managers and is helping other artists do the same." 
Jason Fowler
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Over $151,000 Earn since 2019 on TuneCore Alone...

"Chris gives honest constructive criticism that has fine tuned my approach to making money as a musician and taught me about the multiple income streams I can have with my music. " 
James Downes
"Chris was able to give me the steps I needed to take and make massive progress in the time working with him." 
Darren Cooper
Malachi Male - Toronto, ON
Roxy Nova - Bermuda
Why working 1 on 1 with Manafest Can fast track your music career.
Doug - We Are Leo Missouri, USA
Joe Pots - Kansas City,  USA
All Above  Me - Calgary, AB
"WOW! Great instructor from someone who's been through it all. Really opened my eyes on the steps to take to making the transition into music as my full-time career. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE making music, and sharing it with the world - couldn't see myself as anything else but an artist. I personally owe all my thanks to Manafest.” 
“Excellent Teacher and Excellent Course. He was very clear and direct on how to make money with my music. I am going to take all his courses--great teaching and value for me. Thank you. I am a songwriter who needs all the help he can give me.”
“Chris is an amazing instructor, very open about what he does. He really takes you almost by the hand and shows you what to do. Also, he is enthusiastic and organized. I really like it.”
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