There Are 4 Emails I've Written That Have Sold Thousands of Dollars In Music and Merch... And I Want To Give Them To You ...
There Are 4 Emails I've Written That Have Sold Thousands of Dollars In Music and Merch... And I Want To Give Them To You ...
Since firing my record label in 2014 I became an independent artist, and began
selling directly to my fans.

I'm grateful to have sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of music and  merchandise to a loyal fanbase.

With all the promotion done on social media and going live on YouTube I noticed that's NOT where the sales were coming from.

The majority of sales were coming from emails sent to fans.

Since then I went on a mission to not only build an email list but master how to write powerful compelling emails that sell music and merchandise.

I've sold over $100,000 in crowdfunding campaigns via email.

 And earn thousands a month from from music and merchandise sales from email.

A mentor once said to me "The money is in the list".

Ok, that's great you might say, but how do I email my list, what do I say and how do I extract that money from my fans? 

Well after emailing my list almost every day for last the 5 years I've recognized their are 4 types of emails that have made the most money.

So I did something a little crazy...

I turned those 4 emails into templates for you my fellow music artist that I 
want to put in your hands today.

These are super straight-forward fill in the blank templates you can send out to your email list today.  

It'll take you 4-5 minutes per email which is a lot less time then taking that perfect  selfie in the studio for social media :-) 

And this will make you cash money.

The reason I'm doing this is because first of all, I love writing emails.

It's fun and it allows me to express myself similar to songwriting.

Plus I'm officially launching an Emails of the Month Club For Music Artists.

I'm gonna send you 4 new email templates every month plus subject lines! 

Just one email will make you 10x your investment.

Plus as new fans join your email list you can re-use these emails in your autoresponder and make even more money.

So I thought the best way to persuade you to join is?

Give you my 4 best selling emails I've ever written.  You test them.  
You make a boat-load of cash and continue to get new email templates every month. 

Here's the 4 emails:

1. The Flash Sale Email
2. The "It's HERE" Email
4. The "Something Cool" Email

After sending hundreds of different emails…I’ve found 4 that made more money than anything else.  

For example, I use the “Flash Sale” email multiple times throughout the year and it always gives me injections of cold hard cash in under 24hrs.

I use the “It's HERE” email to launch new album's, songs and merchandise generating hundreds from each.

The “Battle For Your Life” email is one of my top performing inspirational emails. 
(It generally adds stacks of crisp bills to the pocket.) While inspiring my fans and giving them a boost of encouragement we all need at times.

The “something cool” email is so simple anyone can use if you've got merchandise or digital music. This email triggers an instant dopamine hit in the brain causing fans to pull out their wallets with no hesitation. 

Just sending out ONE of these emails to your list,  should pay for itself.  

And that's even before you do the re-send :-) 
EMAIL #1: Flash Sale
I use the “Flash Sale” email multiple times throughout the year and it always gives an influx of cash in under 24hrs.  It's all about the angle, subject line and your offer.  Last one generated $168.8 on the first send :-) 
EMAIL #2: It's Here
I sent this email out on my birthday when I turned 40 on July 19th. 
(just in case you want to send me a gift :-) 

This was a lot of fun and fans loved it while making a ton of sales.  I could have made even more money but I was surfing and just wanted to make a bit of cash on my birthday... :-) 

It's sooo dang simple you won't believe it until you hit SEND! 
EMAIL #3: Battle For Your Life
I learned this one from my man Frank Kern and revised it to fit the music industry.

This one got 9% open rate which is HUGE but my offer wasn't as sexy as it could be so that's why only $86.94 but the impact and response to this one was HUGE.

Fans need value in the email, not just to be sold something.

This one does both very well and your fans will thank you for it while pulling out their credit cards.
EMAIL #4: Something Cool
I like to save the best for last.

This is the email I sent to my list on tour before I even knew what I was doing and generated $1,848.50 in just a couple days!

Since then, I've bought people's email lists and asked friends to send this email to their list on my behalf earning thousands more.

Send this email out to your list and you'll be sitting on a pile of gold in the Caribbean in no time.

Then add it to your auto-responder sequence and thank me later with a testimonial video :-) 
Join The Email of the Month Club For Only $20 - LIMITED TIME!
Secure payments through paypal...
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was for...
 you're getting 4 battle-tested fill-in-the-blank email templates you can use to sell your music and band merchandise TODAY. 

Then you'll be enrolled in the Emails of The Month Club where I send you 4 brand new email templates plus subject lines every single month for just $20 a month. 

If you want to cancel just send an email to and I'll take care of you.
Frequently Asked Questions Just In Case

1.  Will these templates work only for the music industry or will they work for my other businesses I run?
You can use these templates for any niche business. I use them for info product business as well as my wife's art selling business.  They are plug and play and will give you lots of ideas.
2.  What if every artist and musician buys these templates and we all send the same emails?
No worries, first off, the emails are 100% customizable so that no two emails will ever be exactly the same. Second, it would have to be hundreds of thousands of artists to actually start to have a negative impact on sales.  Plus how many artists or musicians do you know in your genre that are ACTUALLY emailing their list? I know maybe one in my genre and they don't know what they're doing.  
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