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  • The System That Generated 130,000,000 Streams on Spotify
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  • The Mistakes MOST Artists Make When Uploading Music To Spotify
  • The Difference Between Poor & Rich Artists (That Will Explain A LOT!) 
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Get Spotify Profits 2.0

What's Inside:

 Chapter 1

Why Spotify?

 Chapter 2

Inside Your Artist Profile

 Chapter 3

The Waterfall Release Strategy for Spotify

 Chapter 4

Editorial Playlists: In depth

 Chapter 5

Algorithmic Playlists: In depth

 Chapter 6

Building, and Growing, a Genuine Fanbase

 Chapter 7 

Expanding your Fanbase: Collaborating to Success

 Chapter 8

Introducing Spotify Ads

 Chapter 9

Spotify Ads for Tours and Shows

 Chapter 10

Spotify Ads for Merchandise

 Chapter 11

Facebook Ads for Spotify

 Chapter 12

Beyond Spotify

152 Pages Of Strategic Teaching

Manafest at Smart Music Business has created a powerful Spotify formula to get your music in the AirPods of millions of listeners.


7 Alarming Spotify Mistakes

Uncover the truth about the long standing Spotify debate - singles VS albums - and how to avoid costly mistakes when launching and scheduling your music. 


Triple Your Success 

Discover simple and easy-to-implement hacks that can triple your chances of getting editorial and algorithmic playlists (the BIG Spotify wins!)


10X Streams At No Cost 

How to find, reach out to, and collaborate with complimentary artists and musicians to skyrocket your streams and royalties to 6-figures at no cost to you!


Get 4X More Followers

Whether you’re new to Spotify or struggling to grow your audience, anyone (regardless of experience) can leverage Spotify ads to get lasting results! 


The Dirty Truth About Royalties 

Discover why talented artists and should-be hit songs never see the light of day (and how to make sure this NEVER happens to you!)

Get Spotify Profits 2.0

Your Author: Chris Greenwood A.K.A Manafest

Chris Greenwood has been in the music industry full-time since 2006. He's toured 22 countries playing live shows from bars and clubs to fully-packed stadiums and churches, making him uniquely qualified to help ambitious artists grow. 

In 2014, someone asked him, ‘how did you find success in music?’

...swiftly followed by, ‘how do I do the same?’

That year, Greenwood created his first online course and wrote a bestselling book for struggling musicians looking to conquer their fears and achieve their dreams. 

Now, he helps aspiring musicians (like you!) make a name for themselves on the largest music streaming platform in the world. 

Here’s What Musicians Are Saying About Spotify Profits

‘Thank You Chris!’

“Thank you Chris! I always learn something new by listening to you.”
- Nicole Markson

‘My Mindset Has Shifted!’

"I no longer see myself as a starving artist but a staring artist" 
- Ackzell

‘So Many Key Takeaways!’

"Loooved Chapter 6!!! Brainstorming on collabs is ongoing and exciting!"
- Lynette C Aleman

‘Spotify Profits Is Worth Every Penny!’

"The info I got is incredible is worth every penny!"
- Fernando Gambach

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1,000’s of Musicians Are Already Living Your Dream

Get Spotify Profits 2.0

Why Spotify Profits?

Spotify has changed the way we listen to and share music in a dynamic, profound and irreversible way. Fans across the world can access songs, albums and entire back catalogs at the click of a button, and the artists behind the music get paid for every one of those streams.

Isn’t that incredible? Music labels are no longer a necessity. The power is in the creators’ hands more than ever before.

But it isn’t just a case of releasing a song onto Spotify and hoping for the best. With over 60,000 new songs being uploaded to Spotify each day, the main question for the contemporary musician is now this:

How do you get your music heard in such a crowded marketplace? 

Enter Chris Greenwood, a.k.a. the award-winning Canadian rock artist Manafest.

With a million monthly Spotify listeners and 130 million streams, Chris knows how to harness the power of this incredible music sharing platform. He understands how to trigger the algorithm, how to pitch and get added to editorial playlists, and how to co-create with other artists to enhance your profile and your reach. He’s a virtuoso of marketing and promotion, and his Waterfall Release Strategy (shared in detail in the book) has been one of the keys to his own phenomenal success on Spotify.

But mostly, Chris knows how to reach people. And in this era, if you want to be both a financially lucrative andcreatively fulfilled musician, you need to build a fanbase and keep it growing. That’s how you get streams, and that’s how you make a profit on Spotify.

This book is the result of over a decade of careful research, thoughtful experimentation, and ultimately the mastering of Spotify.

Chris’ career has grown in tandem with rise of Spotify, and there is no better, more inspiring, or more direct guide for your journey into the new singles economy than this. 

I always knew I was the architect of my own destiny — and you, my friend, are the architect of yours. 
— Chris Greenwood

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